“I’ve always wanted to be an astronaut. To see the world from above. I’m 28 and my astronaut dreams remain dreams. But I’ve found a way to see the world. A way full of interesting people, places and moments. All flowing around me and my camera.” 

— Anze Osterman

Born in 1990, former Yugoslavia, now Slovenia.  

His work has appeared in printed magazines and webpages: National Geographic SLO, DIE ZEIT, iGnant, Desillusion magazine, Patagonia Journal, Monster Children magazine, Konbini, Outside magazine, Free Men's World magazine, Rapid, Red Bull Adventure, Stern Gesund Leben, Kayak session magazine, Kayak Angler, Ambient magazine, C&K magazine, Fubiz, Peta Pixel, ...

Additional articles about his work:  

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