Being able to experience a free flowing river and follow her flow for 270 km makes you a different person. A river in Europe still provides experience like this. In Greece, where she starts her path and carves the most amazing deep canyons they call her Aoos, in Albania, where her flow gets bigger and finally reaches the Ionian Sea, they call her Vjosa. Nature there still is the one in charge – riverbed changes seasonally with high waters, animals and plants thrive in places without human presence and even near towns that are situated just on the riverbanks. When travelling on and around this amazing river we got to see some most amazing places, meet some extremely simple and loving people, had experiences that we will remember for the rest of our lives and most important – we fell in love with this place and river. We believe everyone in our shoes would feel the same. This is why it is our responsibility to protect these astounding ecosystems and say no to dams that are not needed at all.

In order to have firm arguments in this fight for the river we were trying hard to catch trout in the deepest of canyons – we took tissue samples of 5 beautiful fish and it turned out that genetic diversity there is amazing – worth further investigation and protection.

After all – we still believe that humans are more than just energy collecting species!

Supported by Patagonia

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