Walking through the forrest of Freedom hill you can already hear that distinctive noise of the wooden deck hitting against stone. Even before you see them, you recognise them - skateboarders.

People have tried skating this monument hidden in the woods before but always without any success, it seemed like it's just to impossible. That was before this group of guys came here. Even though they share the love for skateboarding, that's not the only thing that defines them - Nejc Vašl is also an architect and the man behind the Logslaw meat project, Luka Bizjak is a genius mathematician, Beno Omahen, an adventurist and Anže Osterman, an inspiring photographer.

This monument is one of many built all over Yugoslavia after the World War II, representing the power of the country. For this group skating the monuments is not an expression of rebellion or diminishment of the past, it's an exploration of the relationship between history, architecture and modern times.

Skateboarding monuments doesn't have to mean disrespect of the past and what they represent, it can be a modern take on the history. Who said culture and skateboarding can't coexist and complement each other? 

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